ACCA London Network is one of the 39 regional member’s networks set up by ACCA UK.


To be an ambassador for the Association, to provide programmes and networking events to assist members in meeting their continuous professional development and to be a channel to communicate information between members and the Association.


  • To raise the profile of the Women’s Network via public relations, media, ACCA and panel members’ influence and to identify any venues which can assist in promoting our network.
  • To recruit more members by attending graduation celebrations and annual conferences, by exploring London colleges which provide courses for ACCA examinations, by identifying better ways of advertising our events and sending out personal invitations for our events.
  • To engage with employers by promoting joint events, inviting speakers from employers and identifying possible contacts for future events and joint working.
  • To enrich our knowledge and professionalism by collaborating with other professional bodies, for example Institute of Directors, London Women’s Institute, AAT, ICAEW, CIMA, etc, to identify possible topics and organising joint events with partner organisations.
  • To ACCA women members who work in Finance by providing specific seminars and acting as a contact and network link for them.


  • To act as an ambassador for ACCA as a leading professional body which provides relevant qualifications and services to its stakeholders and employers.
  • To identify events and activities which will have public relations value and relevance to stakeholders.
  • To advise on the content of local or sector-specific meeting programmes and networking events.
  • To act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of ACCA on emerging local or sector specific issues.
  • To provide channels for communicating the views of members to the UK International Assembly representatives, Council, ACCA UK staff and the member engagement Conference via the Strategy Implementation Committee.