Beverly Clarke | Professional Coach and Mentor | Education | Life | Organisational

Beverly clarke I am Beverly Clarke, a TechWomen100 award winner, who has had a portfolio career from corporate IT, through to working in education at local, national and international level. I am also an entrepreneur/small business owner.

How did I come to coaching and Mentoring?

As a woman who has been on this planet for over half a century, I realised that life was like a rainbow with different colours fading in and out. I felt it timely to use my collective life and work experiences to formally coach and mentor others and as a result Beverly Clarke Coaching was born.

Areas in which I specialise are:

  • Coaching and Mentoring professionals in the education and technology sectors
  • Coaching and Mentoring individuals in areas such as work life balance, imposter syndrome, starting and succeeding in business, developing a portfolio career, gaining and developing confidence, managing career change, managing home life, developing self-belief, identifying indecision and behaviours which may be blockers
  • Coaching and Mentoring aspiring authors
  • Working with organisations to develop and deliver coaching programmes within their workplace

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