Black British in STEM

BBSTEM is a non-profit organisation campaigning for balance and representation of Black individuals in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

We aim to encourage, enable, and energise individuals in business, industry, and education to widen participation and contribution of Black individuals in STEM. Our professional network of BBSTEM members aims to inspire the young Black British generation to pursue STEM subjects in university and beyond. Our principal mission is to have Black parity in the UK’s STEM workforce, from school to the highest level in industry.


Inspire, encourage, and support Black youth and individuals to achieve excellence, and contribute to society and the economy as leaders in STEM. To work collaboratively with educational facilities, employers, and other influencers in striving towards creating a visibly diverse community in STEM.


To show the younger generation a successful and exciting career in STEM is achievable for Black individuals


Promote education and encouragement and support into STEM fields. Also, to educate on the importance of diversity and representation by various programmes, such as workshops, events, and mentoring.


Collaborate with other organisations who share a common goal.