City Hive – Women in Asset & Investment Management

City Hive – A Network for Change.

The City – like a Hive – is a dynamic eco-system cultivated by thousands of ‘worker bees’. City Hive believes the City produces more liquid gold from its industrious workforce when everyone can fulfil their potential. City Hive works for a more balanced asset and investment management industry, with a positive, inclusive culture. The starting point for our hive of activity is in promoting gender diversity and the female contribution to this specific sector.

To achieve this, City Hive:

· Connects women across the industry in a purposeful yet refreshing way
· Collaborates with employers to challenge conscious and unconscious biases
· Cultivates a pipeline of more diverse leadership from the schoolroom to the boardroom
· Campaigns on key issues preventing investment and asset management from thriving and grasping new opportunities borne from diversity of thought.