Coach: Debbie Walmsley | Life, Executive, Corporate and NLP Coach

Today expectations on women are high, its a given that we can have a career, look after a family, be the perfect partner and still have time and energy to enjoy life.

I am a NLP Coach and I work with professional women, those who appear to “have it all”, the career, the house, the car, family and yet they are still not really happy. This is having a huge impact on their lives, career, relationships and health. Is this resonating with you? I enable my clients to gain clarity on what is really important to them so that they can then be clear on what they want their future to be, to significantly improve their relationships and put the fun back into their life.

I offer a free one hour clarity session by phone or by Skype. We use this time to look at where you are now in your life and identify what you want your future to be. During this time we will identify the blocks that are stopping you achieving the life you want and being truly happy.

A professional member of the ANLP and ABNLP. I am a Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner.

Finding this NLP Coach

Prime Locations: City of London and Hertfordshire

Coaching Profile: Life, Executive, Corporate, NLP