Code First: Girls

Why aren’t there more women in tech and entrepreneurship? It’s a complex and multi-faceted issue, but here at Code First: Girls we do believe one thing – tech shouldn’t just be a boys club.

We tackle the issue by doing three things:

One, we support young women to develop further personal and professional skills. This include technical skills in coding and programming as well as personal skills. The aim being to help them build their skills and confidence to move into rewarding and stimulating tech and entrepreneurship industries.

Two, we connect young women to a community of other talented and like minded women who can support and accompany them through their professional development.

And three, we help companies develop their talent management policies and processes so they don’t miss out on amazing female tech talent.

We are a social enterprise, and currently have 300+ young women enrolled on programmes and learning how to code. Over the past 18 months we have had 1500+ young women participate in one of our courses or events and have helped companies to recruit better tech talent into their firms.