Our Mission

To decrease gender disparity in technology, by increasing the number of women opting for tech careers


By working with schools, universities and aspiring female technologists to provide careers information, employability skills workshops and networking opportunities


Women make up 47% of the UK workforce, but only 6% of software engineering positions. There are many factors that contribute to this disparity, but in the main:

  • The number of women choosing to embark on careers in technology is disproportionately low
  • The industry’s retention of the few who do is poor
  • Not only is the resulting exclusivity of the industry concerning, but so is the technology skills shortage.

In not engaging women, the technology industry is not engaging almost half of the UK workforce. To repair the growing skills gap – for businesses to survive – this must change.

How it all began…

#CodingAllowed was started by the award winning global FinTech and Change recruitment consultancy Nicoll Curtin. Nicoll Curtin are passionate about diversity and inclusion, and wanted to do their bit to reduce the gender gap in tech. That’s why they started #CodingAllowed – to help equip women with the knowledge and tools to break into the industry. Nicoll Curtin knew that to continue delivering an outstanding service, they needed to contribute to the development of a future pipeline of talented technologists – which must include women (as well as other underrepresented groups).

Nicoll Curtin wanted to use their industry expertise to enact meaningful change, and begin to tackle the sociocultural barriers that aspiring female technologists face.

Now, with the on-going support of Nicoll Curtin, #CodingAllowed has grown legs of its own.

#CodingAllowed’s agenda is set by you – the aspiring technologists for whom it is a resource and the established technologists whom dedicate their time to inspiring the next generation of women in tech.

That is how it began. If you have any ideas for where it should go – for how #CodingAllowed can best support and inspire a future generation of female technologists – get involved.