DAWN London

Dawn was founded to address the gap in the market for a free and accessible networking group, just for women who work in the digital industry. 

We are a completely free organisation and receive no funding. We believe remaining free is a fundamental part of the network.

To inspire our members and further our mission dawn runs four events across the year. A panel of 3-5 speakers address a given topic followed by questions and debate from the attendees. Previous topics have included ‘Are all great leaders great managers?’, ‘How to manage your brand’, ‘Do you suffer from the work imposter syndrome?’ ‘How to turn the mundane into an opportunity’ & ‘The accidental mentor- are you one?’

Our ambition for dawn is to create a network of highly engaged, ambitious women who are committed to their own professional and personal development within the digital industry.The committee is dedicated to attracting strong leaders to speak at the events series, who inspire our members and become ambassadors for the network.We are looking for like minded individuals who are passionate about the dawn mission who would be interested in rolling out dawn across the UK. If you are working in digital outside of London and would be interested in setting up dawn regionally we’d love to hear from you.

By supporting and promoting dawn partner businesses will be offering an independent service to their employees, reassured that the women who attend the events become inspired and motivated about the industry they are a part of – a great HR initiative.It’s our ambition that by being part of the dawn network members are given the opportunity to develop their own skills and experience through access to inspirational talks from senior business leaders, and have the opportunity to develop their own network of highly engaged peers across the industry. We are looking to partner with business leaders and HR personnel who would be interested in offering dawn as a service to their employees.