Dianne Greyson | Director, Equilibrium Mediation Consulting & Founder #EthnicityPayGap Campaign

Dianne GreysonDianne Greyson is a professional mediator, author and campaigner who specialises workplace equality, diversity and inclusion.

Dianne is the founder of Equilibrium Mediation Consulting Ltd providing Change Management and special project expertise such as; Ethnicity Pay Gap Consultation, Executive Consulting and Resource Solutions and more. Dianne is also Managing Partner of Synergised Solutions Ltd. This company provides bespoke Equality and Diversity consulting to the public and private sector. The company delivers a holistic package that enables organisations to develop their Equality and Diversity Strategy.

Read more about the #EthnicityPayGap campaign and Dianne here.



Trailblazer 50 2021 featuredWhy we believe Dianne is a trailblazer

For her government campaign to establish Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting.  Dianne has campaigned for the last few years, lobbying government to review the need for organisations to declare their ethnicity pay gaps.