Dr Catherine A Baudino | Founder of Baudino&Co Life and Corporate Coaching

Baudino&Co is an association of coaches and mentors who, like its principal, Dr Catherine A Baudino, are internationally minded, experienced in various disciplines and industries, and in different languages.

Baudino&Co works alongside psychiatrists, physiotherapists, clinical hypnotherapists, dieticians and other recognised specialists. Our clients range from senior executives to recent graduates with personal and professional issues. Dr Catherine A Baudino is an expert in Life and Corporate Coaching.

The main offerings of the company are:

Living Segue™ for a smooth career transition and Find A Friend for a smooth life transition™.

Living Segue™ – is for those desirous to make a smooth transition with career/work and in doing so change their environment and lifestyle.

Have you allowed yourself while working, travelling to & fro or in the shower to transport yourself and ponder upon a different choice of… career, a different way to exist and in a different environment?

Or have you experienced a strong feeling of longing, saudade, Sehnsucht? Can’t quite express it?

Living Segue™ is the smooth transition to support you, your longings, into reality and in essence capture your moment, and empower you to make that career transition.

Living Segue™ is not limited to those in mid-life crisis, semi-retired or retired but for:

  • recent graduates uninspired by the subject(s) they had heartily embraced but no longer do
  • next career steppers
  • returning military from active service to civilian life
  • those moving up and over
  • cross-overs from a discipline, style or industry sector to another

Find A Friend for a Smooth Life Transition™ is the service we offer for those clients who feel clarity of thinking and self-belief may be missing. Often relief comes from talking things out with a friend:

  • defining how you are feeling and why
  • identifying what you need
  • finding other ways of communicating these messages
  • trying out your message on an impartial person (ie a friend).

Sometimes, it can be difficult to reach a friend in the right vicinity and/or time zone. And let’s face it sometimes even our dearest/nearest friends simply don’t get it about us. Or that essential next step eludes us.

This is where calling on the professionals come in…
Make no mistake, we can delude ourselves into thinking that ‘we can handle this’, but sometimes there comes a point when it gets too much…
It is OK to seek help and Find a Friend for a Smooth Life Transition™ .

And yes, Baudino&Co can assist you with:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Working SMARTER
  • Diversity
  • Communications
  • Stress Control
  • Time Management

This can be in:

  • A one-to-one context
  • Or in group sessions for corporate clients.

In the case of a group, we suggest an initial consultation with the leading decision-maker, and define from there a confidential questionnaire for the participants.

Having garnered the appropriate data from the information submitted by each member of the team, we will then define with you a series of WORKshops, rather than ‘Training Sessions’ – no jamborees here around a campfire building tents and living in the wild!

Workshops consist of modules of up to 12 members and last 2 to 3 hours; the meetings are normally held in your corporate office. Homework is given to the closed group of participants before and after each session. Each workshop includes 2 or 3 breakout groupings to allow the corporate executives to analyze a typical subject/issue.

Many of our corporate clients have applied the skills learnt in our workshops to their personal relationships. After all, communication is uppermost for success!

Whether dealing with your personal and/or professional lives, we will help you create a new language (and mind set) based around:

Change – Challenge – Choice – Why choose Life and Corporate Coaching

Change – an opportunity to embrace a different approach. Together, we will examine your values, what is important to you, challenge assumptions and limiting beliefs to define the way forward and achieve your goals

Challenge – a situation need not be a problem; we will work with you to perceive it as a challenge that you can overcome

Choice – we will look at different options in your dealings at home and at work.