Eleanor Mills | Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Noon

Eleanor MillsHighly experienced Media Consultant and Trainer who brings an extensive background with leading national newspapers and building media teams and newsrooms for global brands.

As Founder of InHerSpace.co.uk, she specialises in providing professional women with strong branding and compelling narratives. Works with corporations, women’s networks and high-profile individuals, bringing her extensive insight into maximising their media effectiveness. She has now founded Noon a new and unique platform connecting brands with women in midlife, a massive, financially lucrative and under-served cohort. Eleanor is passionate about changing the current narratives around the latter stages of women’s lives, stopping age discrimination and giving midlife women a voice and an outlet for their concerns.

Eleanor was Editorial Director of The Sunday Times, is an award-winning magazine editor, and the winner of multiple awards including Supplement of the Year at the SOE Press Awards for her editorship of The Sunday Times Magazine, innovative Editorial Director of The Sunday Times since 2012 and award-winning feature writer and columnist for The Sunday Times.

As Chair of Women in Journalism 2014-2021, she actively promotes and campaigns to improve opportunities for women within the profession and to drive increased diversity across all areas. A Trustee of the Society of Editors and Reporters sans Frontieres, she is a strong advocate for press freedom and the safety of journalists.

A recognised thought leader and public speaker (contact Specialist Speakers for bookings) and a frequent media commentator.

Twitter: @eleanormills


Trailblazer 50 2021 featuredWhy we believe Eleanor is a trailblazer

For using her platform as one of the top journalists in the country to advocate for women’s issues. Eleanor recently left her role at the Sunday Times and has since created Noon, a fantastic and fast-growing community for women in midlife.