Eleanor Tweddell | Rethink Work Coach | Director at Another Door

Eleanor Tweddell

Helping you to see change as opportunity

When I was made redundant it was a moment to rethink. After 23 years of corporate life, it was time for something new. But where to start? I made many mistakes, took many wrong turns, had some good luck, created opportunities.

How we navigate through change became my specialist subject and my book Why losing your job could be the best thing that ever happened, came out in 2020 (I started writing it in 2016).

I now help people to see change as opportunity. From the moment you feel like you want something else, to the moment an idea starts to form, to getting that idea out into the World.

From no idea, to some idea, to too many ideas, to The idea you are going to make happen.



A corporate career holding senior posts at Virgin Atlantic, Costa Coffee, RAC, Aviva and Vodafone, I have managed change programmes across many organisations and cultures. As a communications practitioner I understand the importance of connection, purpose and motivation to navigate through change.

As a keynote speaker I take people through their story of change, and challenge the audience to hold on tighter to owning change around them. As a coach I help people to go deeper into their change story so that the ideas flow, and ideas become reality. Starting something new can be daunting but it can also be the best thing you ever do.

I work with you so that you enjoy your new challenge, whatever that may be!