Fabian Women’s Network

The Fabian Women’s Network was launched in January 2005, and is run by a committee of volunteers. It is part of the voluntary section of the Fabian Society, alongside local Societies and the Young Fabians.

Fabian Women’s Network works to ensure that diverse women’s voices are influential in politics, public life and policy making. All of its work is underpinned by values of sisterhood, solidarity and service.

FWN aims to be an intersectional feminist network. This means it understands the barriers women face when entering and progressing in politics and public life are not the same for everyone, with some women facing multiple and intersecting layers of discrimination. FWN works to elevate a range of voices and promote those in political and public life who are under-represented.

Our network is designed to promote true sisterhood. We mentor, connect, educate and empower sisters across the Labour movement to enable women to serve each other and their communities effectively, recognising the importance and power of collective endeavour.