Fraud Women’s Network

The Fraud Women’s Network (FWN) has therefore been set up to bring together women involved in all aspects of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution, to network and to share best practice, information and experience in order to help tackle the threat from fraud and organised crime head on.

We aim to provide women in the anti-fraud business with:

  • Networking opportunities – our regular networking events provide an invaluable way of establishing and cementing contacts across the whole anti-fraud arena, sharing information and ideas (we also enjoy the social aspect!)
  • Access to a wide-ranging education programme about the latest trends and developments in fraud and organised crime, and the newest tools to help prevent, detect and investigate fraud
  • Mentoring opportunities – many of the members of the Fraud Women’s Network are senior within their organisations and have a great deal of knowledge, experience and advice that they can impart, as well as encouraging junior women to progress in their careers;
  • Access to the members and activities of the regional Fraud Forums, all part of the National Federation of Fraud Forums

Fraud occurs in both the public and private sectors and will increase unless we combine forces to do something about it.