Girl Geeks

We are committed to inspiring and supporting a strong supply of female scientists, technologists, engineers and innovators to create a legacy of sustainable talent.


  • Inspire more girls to consider a career in STEM.
  • Encourage exploration and participation of STEM opportunities.
  • Build female interest in STEM through innovative initiatives and provide access to ambassadors, role models, mentors, connections and employers.
  • Increase awareness of STEM career paths through education, events, programmes, knowledge sharing and routes into industry.
  • Increase the recruitment and progression of women in science and technology roles and leadership.
  • Involve all influencers – parents, teachers, media, employers, education – to play their part in inspiring and ensuring participation of all STEM talented individuals.
  • Foster a collaborative support community through high quality, dedicated partnerships between education, students, employers and stakeholder local/regional/national/international organisations.