Labour Women’s Network

Labour Women’s Network exists to secure the election of more Labour women to public office at every level and to support Labour women to play a full part in the Party.

Labour Women’s Network was founded in 1988 by four Labour women: Barbara Follett, Barbara Roche, Hilary De Lyon and Jean Black. They wanted to change the Labour Party and get more women into Parliament as Labour MPs.

LWN played a key role in the campaign for positive action to get more women selected as Labour candidates in winnable seats.

When LWN was founded, fewer than 10% of Labour MPs were women. Women now make up a third of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

LWN wants to see 50:50 equal representation at every level of the Labour Party – in Parliament, in Europe, in the devolved nations and in local government. And we want to see equal representation and an equal voice for women within the Labour Party – from local constituency committees to the shadow cabinet table.

That’s why we campaign for change within the Party, and why we provide top-quality training for women who want to stand for Parliament, or get more politically active.

LWN is a voluntary group funded entirely by our members and supporters

Do you want to see equal representation of women in the Labour Party too?

Then join us now as a member or a supporter.