Ladies & Co.

Ladies & Co. originated a number of years ago after many meetings at various network events by a group of successful businesswomen.
For a host of different reasons but with a common thread, we had all left corporate life to set up on our own and our numbers included women with many years experience in a multitude of disciplines in companies large and small.

We appreciated the value of networking and, at one time or another, had all been members of various business clubs but generally found them expensive and restrictive. They only held meetings at monthly intervals, at inconvenient times, were too formal or too fluffy and sometimes a bit intimidating. Our experience of online membership sites was even more frustrating as non were wholly UK centred in their advice or methods.

Our group was such a fantastic asset to us that now we’re established and successful we’re formally coming together in Ladies & Co. to offer the same advantage to other businesswomen and female entrepreneurs throughout the UK.

We aim to help cut through the information overload and bring you the key elements you need in simple, actionable terms, to tell you about the shortcuts, tools and tips you can implement to free up your time and save money.

In the forum we’ll find answers to your questions, facilitate peer to peer mentoring, mastermind groups, networking meetings, hook you up for a coffee when you’re in need of a chat or maybe even help you find a new best friend or two!

So, whether you’re an established businesswoman, a sole trader or you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey it is our mission to help you in any way we can to make your life easier and your business a success.