Ladies in London

Ladies in London (LiL) is a volunteer-run professional women’s network, led by a dynamic, fun and committed Board of women. We are a community, rather than a membership, of over 500 professional women based in London. What started off as a predominately Australian network thanks to our greatest corporate partner, Westpac, LiL has grown into a rich network of fun, welcoming, interesting and passionate professional women.

We stay connected with LiL community by creating unique environments where people can connect. What brings us together is the desire to connect with other like-minded women, support causes and make a difference to communities we care about, challenge ourselves and learn something new (personally and professionally) and most importantly, do this in a friendly and relaxed environment, supplemented with a nice glass of wine.

We have created fantastic events with Westpac, Wholefoods, Dove,, Glamour, Dress for Success and most recently, Funny Women. We don’t advertise, yet due to personal recommendations and word of mouth, sell-out our events. When you come to a LiL event, you find that you are in a room of friends, their friends and their friends’ friends. This is how we’ve grown so successfully.

If you are looking for a women’s network that is a little bit different – get in touch and have a chat. You’ll know pretty quickly if we are the right place for you.