Ladies that UX


In 2013 Lizzie Dyson and Georgie Bottomley, both UX (User Experience) professionals, loved their jobs but there was always a doubt about where the other women in the industry were. They noticed that across the industry there was a real lack of women both at a mid-level and more senior roles within the industry. They had no roles models. We set up Ladies that UX and held our first meeting in August 2013 in Manchester, UK. Ladies that UX creates a space for women from all levels to engage and talk about their experiences, both positive and negative, and get the support and inspiration that they are looking for. There are so many places you go along to and people give talks and put their ideas across, but what we wanted to offer is a more relaxed environment – one where people are more open to sharing ideas and there’s no pressure to speak out. And that’s what you’ll now find at every Ladies that UX group. In a sector with a high proportion of men in it, Ladies that UX is all about giving women the chance to meet up to support each other, push the UX boundaries, and promote female skill and talent. We are sometimes asked about why Ladies that UX is currently a female only group, if you are interested we have written more on this topic.

What we do

Each city runs slightly different events, and each group decides what they want to get out of their get-togethers. Sometimes there’s a speaker or a theme, sometimes we just eat, drink, and see where the conversation goes. The one thing we can guarantee is that you won’t feel pressurised to present. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, and if you want help with a particular UX challenge, you’ll find plenty of willing problem-solvers.