Link LGBT Insurance Network

About Link

Link is a professional network for members of the LGBT+ community and their allies in the insurance sector.  They have over 675 members who work in claims, underwriting, actuarial, broking, public relations, IT, sustainability, law and accountancy – representing over 220 firms from insurers/reinsurers, brokers, market bodies to service providers. Out steering group consists of approx. 13 people from a variety genders, sexual orientations, ages, organisations, roles and seniority. Link’s activities are focused in London, but  also has a branch in Yorkshire, ‘Link Up North’.  They are open to proposals to start groups in other locations.


Link’s mission is to create and maintain workplaces that attract and retain the best LGBT+ talent to the insurance industry.

Link works towards this goal through a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lens, while being inclusive of all types of diversity.

Their vision is to:

  • Develop inclusive workplaces that allows LGBT+ insurance professionals to further their careers in an environment where an individual’s sexuality or gender identity is not a barrier to success.
  • Ensure the economic case for cultivating inclusive workplaces and LGBT+ issues are on the agendas of all executive committees within the insurance sector.
  • To be an access point for knowledge and resources regarding the very best global practices and policies in relation to LGBT+ and diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Provide welcoming and inclusive networking opportunities and events to encourage the cross fertilisation of ideas and best practice.
  • Partner with experts in the field in order to assess and benchmark how the insurance sector compares with others in order to identify the key LGBT+ issues and prioritise activities.