Mums Plus Business

Mum Plus Business started as a practical idea to help local mums develop their careers in a flexible manner. It began just over 4 years ago from our North London apartment shortly after the birth of my eldest son. I had a job working in PR in the city, but found it hard to commit to long hours and putting my son in a nursery all day after my maternity leave was over. I wanted to start a business but having never done this before felt that I lacked some of the skills necessary. What I needed, was someone to complement what I knew, to fill in the essential gaps and also to provide support where necessary for my start-up. This service did not exist at the time, and led me to start Mum Plus Business which is rapidly becoming the number one UK website offering mothers flexible and practical career choices.

Our initial offering was the free online partnership program allowing mothers to connect to other local mums in order to setup a business. You can post a new opportunity that you are looking to partner up with a fellow mother or search among the listings from like minded parents. This has grown over the years to thousands of members with the help of national organisations, MPs and other dedicated partners. We have continued to develop this free service, including member images and other new features in the latest release to help improve the offering.

Given the challenges that we face when running a family and providing income we more recently decided to extend our services to other forms of flexible work. The site now includes a job board that is dedicated to flexible work, along with a service directory of trusted companies (many of which offer a discount) for those looking to start their own business. We have a highly read blog offering tips and practical advice and continuously strive to give mums the opportunity they deserve to flourish and grow – building a life around their family.