Ogunte – Impact Women Network

The Impact Women network has been created by Ogunte to provide a platform for Women Social Innovators. They host an array of informal networking events for women growing their social enterprises.

The network also provides a wealth of information, knowledge and guidance for the Social Enterprise community and an opportunity to connect at global level with other women social entrepreneurs (map.ogunte.com)

Who are Ogunte?

Ogunte is an international organization that promotes, connects and develops women who have a positive impact on people and planet, through social enterprise. They believe in impact made by women!

Through Ogunte, you learn from women who make a difference and have entrepreneurial and innovative answers to pressing social and environmental issues. You become influential, connected and more equipped to further your cause. You can explore investment and collaboration as a tool to make a difference. To date they have supported 5000 women social entrepreneurs.


Technical Skills: Investment readiness and personal development programmes for women social entrepreneurs (face to face or on line)

Future Thinking: Community strategy days for groups and enterprises

Leadership: Individual and group coaching

Coming together: discussions, debates and seminars all focused on social innovation with a gender lens

They also offer an on-line micro-magazine wherein their events and programmes are publicised: join the map.ogunte.com to access information

Benefits of Membership

Impact Women is an initiative that aims to encourage peer-to-peer support around the world, and promote a network of amazing women social entrepreneurs.

This network brings benefits to active members such as:

Finding people to collaborate with, to innovate and positively influence decision-makers

Feeling equipped to further your cause

Passing on knowledge, learning from other (women) social entrepreneurs in various locations

Investing time, skills or finance into women-led social enterprises

Growing your social impact and find a platform to tell the world about your sustainable social ventures