Ola Molade | Success & Wellbeing Coach

I work with individuals who would like to continue to excel in their professional and personal lives, whilst thriving from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective.

My background includes over 25 years’ experience working in financial services running multi-million £ change programmes; running my own business; and, bringing up 2 children. I am a qualified nutritionist as well as a life coach.

I have first-hand experience of how coaching can open up new possibilities and opportunities; allowing me to resolve situations that had seemed completely impossible. This caused me to delve further into coaching and become an accredited coach myself.

I work with people that want more out of their life; have key goals they would like to achieve; would like to deal with feelings of unworthiness / impostor syndrome / overwhelm; or, perhaps want to tackle concerns about work /life balance.

I provide space to allow you to explore what you really want out of life, what would make you feel happy, whole and fulfilled… and then work with you to find a route through so you can realise your full potential.

I am based in London however I also work remotely or can travel as required.

Health – helping people achieve health improvement goals especially around weight and nutrition

Confidence – helping people deal with impostor syndrome in a business, professional or personal setting

Stress and/or overwhelm – helping people find a way forward through stressful work or personal situations

Work/life balance – helping people define priorities and make changes to achieve the balance they seek

Serenity – helping people achieve purpose, calm and self-fulfilment

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