Playback: Disruption isn’t a dirty word video | Joy Poole

WeAreVirtual: Disruption Isn't A Dirty Word webinar | Joy Poole

Recorded live 21 July 2020

For business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives with businesses which need to grow and evolve, I find it useful to dig into Incremental vs. Exponential Thinking and how a leadership’s mindset guides the direction of a team.

It’s usually helpful to focus on when each of these approaches are appropriate and how to spend more time focused on the latter. The practical steps and watch-outs I cover provide tangible next steps for the audience. I’m positioned to provide a powerful perspective on this thanks to my career in tech, where I’ve been focused on helping leaders within some of the largest and most traditional organisations to adopt technology to transform their businesses.

About Joy:

Joy Poole

Joy Poole is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, mum and Founding Partner leading the Executive Education and Coaching Practice at Emergence Partners. Joy engages and demystifies the potential of the latest technology innovations for leaders, creating impact in their respective industries. Joy’s ‘possibilist’ mindset coupled with her extensive experience from Facebook, Capgemini, and Arthur Andersen have enabled her to build a strong track record in business development, and strategic and operational excellence. Joy holds a B.A. from Michigan State University and Executive degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford.

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