Playback: Ditch Your Fear & Uplevel Your Resilience webinar | Suzie Flynn

WeAreVirtual: Ditch Your Fear & Uplevel Your Resilience webinar | Suzie Flynn

Recorded live 14 May 2020

This session will touch on the power of reframing our language to create a new emotional state and positive outcomes.

We’ll look at how to shift you from focusing on fear and instead focus on joy and gratitude.

Together we’ll explore the things that we can and can’t control and let go of what doesn’t serve us.

Lastly, we’ll look at how our brain is designed to keep us safe and how we can change our internal programming.


About Suzie:

Suzie Flynn

Suzie Flynn is an award winning motivational speaker, international mindset coach and business mentor, creator of the Confidence Accelerator Programme and founder of Suzie Flynn Coaching. With a 22 year background in corporate as a Personal and Executive Assistant she has a love for science and spirituality. Through her energy work and coaching, Suzie shows her clients a new way to live and work.

She has been described as ‘passionate about helping others’ as she supports her clients in moving them towards their goals with ‘greater clarity’ so their business can finally take a definite shape. She does this by helping them re-frame their beliefs and getting clarity on the action steps they need to take to create more freedom in their life by becoming their own boss.

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