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WeAreVirtual: How to be the leader you want to see webinar | Susie Ramroop

Recorded live 07 July 2020

If we’re really honest we have observed great things in other leaders and some not so great.

We wish they would step up and have a greater impact, as we watch from the sidelines. What if we did something to make a difference? What if we have to be that leader, for our own fulfillment, and for all those people waiting to see a leader that they want to be like? Doing so doesn’t require you to have a specific job title already, just a belief in yourself that can be developed over time.

In this webinar, Susie will show you what to do in order to make this step. Her approach is to make changes so small that they create greater confidence in you, but remain unnoticeable to judging eyes. When added together these changes will perfectly position you to have the career you were meant for.


About Susie:

Susie Ramroop

Susie Ramroop qualified as a Performance Coach in 2006, whilst Directing transformation teams in the tech sector. Her training helped her to realise that capability and joy were not the same thing – on reaching the top of her game, she felt flat, and so she redirected her efforts and crafted a career that focuses on making a difference to leaders of the future. She empowers people to take the time to know themselves, show true leadership before they get the title, and unlock the path to bigger, more impactful work.

Nothing gets past Susie – she sees all of your brilliance and will call out your limiting behaviour so that you surrender chuckling. Susie is an articulate and empowering Coach, who brings laser focus and an enormous heart to lasting business and personal growth.

As the UK’s thought leader on imposter syndrome, Susie is an exciting and, occasionally, hilarious speaker that will have you raring to take action (that makes a difference) as you leave the room.

Susie works privately with individuals, with Mastermind groups in business, and runs the utterly transformational Reset Retreat, which will restart in September 2020.

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