Playback: How to get started on finding a NED/Trustee role remotely video | Heather White

WeAreVirtual: How to get started on finding a NED/Trustee role remotely webinar | Heather White

Recorded live 23 June 2020

Working from home can be a blessing as well as a challenge.

One of the blessings is having time for you and planning your future career. If you want to become a Non-Executive Director or a Trustee, you need to put in some research time, get your message right and build your networks.

This session will help you focus in a systematic way to achieve just that. Who to approach using LinkedIn and your current connections. Getting your message right. And build those networks.

This session is going to be very practical and focused….and some fun too


About Heather:

Heather White

Heather White is a leading international expert on all things Networking, Personal Brand and LinkedIn, and just loves connecting people!

The hard truth about networking is that if your contacts don’t ‘get’ you they can’t help you. Networking is about building a strong network of contacts who understand you and are willing to recommend you when the moment arises.

Just over 2 years ago, Heather created a unique service called Boardroom Ready. She created this service because her clients were struggling to get NED roles and board opportunities. This was either through lack of time and or simply not being connected to anyone outside of their normal work environment.

So using her skills of networking and finding people, Heather is now a Boardroom Match-Maker bringing together senior executives and boards. She places her senior executives onto a board of AIM listed, privately owned and SME companies. The role the senior executive takes on is that of a ‘Board Observer/Apprentice’ with the aim of helping them gain commercial boardroom experience.

By matching each individual’s needs to a development role on a real commercial board, the Boardroom Ready programme aims to contribute to the next generation of leaders. Heather works with senior executives from organisations such as: AirBP, American Express, Babcock, BDO, Jones Lang LaSalle, Just Group plc, Nationwide Building Society to name but a few.

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