Playback: Improve Your Confidence to Reach Your Potential | Helena Stone

WeAreVirtual: Improve Your Confidence to Reach Your Potential | Helena Stone

Recorded live 18 May 2020

This recorded webinar is an opportunity to understand how working on your confidence enables you to reach your potential, be that in your career or life fulfilment.

I’ll share with you how to develop yourself in times of uncertainty, enabling you to rise stronger than before.

Join to learn:

  • What confidence is
  • How low confidence impacts your ability to shine and be your true self
  • Awareness of what typically stops you being confident
  • Along with proven tools and techniques to develop your confidence


About Helena:

Helena Stone

Helena Stone is a confidence coach, speaker and change consultant who helps women grow their confidence. She works with organisations to support their female employees, enabling more women to progress at work and creating a more diverse culture. She gives women the tools to understand what confidence means to them, how to become more self-aware and overcome their barriers to self-belief, so that they can fulfil their true potential.

With a career spanning 20 years in senior HR & Change Management Leadership roles, including 11 years at PwC, Helena is well versed in life in the corporate world.

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