PLAYBACK: Psychological Safety: Your Secret Sauce to Leadership Video with Nicola Forbes-Taylor

WeAreVirtual: Psychological Safety: Your Secret Sauce to Leadership (& Your Superpower in Times of Trauma) | Nicola Forbes-Taylor

Recorded live 03 April 2020

Consider for a moment:

– Have you ever worked for someone who you truly trusted?
– Who you could question without fear?
– Who supported you when you screwed up?
– Who was open with you in the good and the bad times?
– Who supported you to learn?
– Who you delivered your best work for?

Remember that feeling? THAT my friends, is psychological safety!

Leaders who create psychological safety create teams who perform, are innovative and are strongly bonded and supportive to each other.

If you want to create that within your team/s, this is for you!


1. What psychological safety is and isn’t
2. Your personal audit of safe behaviours
3. 3 things to do to create psychological safety in your team

Webinar Audience:

Leaders and managers at all stages of their leadership experience.

About Nicola:

Nicola Forbes-TaylorNicola is a people aficionado; a student of human interactions and dynamics, executive leader and coach. She brings her insight to championing HR/ People Professionals through the development programme, The A List and sometimes shares her observations in stand-up comedy.

She brings her perspective from her work with leaders in London start-ups and scale-ups, along with her experience of leadership throughout her 20 year career. She is passionate about the female agenda and is known for leading panels sharing the female experience and nurturing the future environment for women in work.

She takes a coaching approach to enabling you to develop self-awareness, understanding of those that are not you, your conscious impact and your toolkit of techniques. You can expect psychological insight, humour and a supportive voice.


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