Playback Recording: Craft Smart Emails | Kay White

WeAreVirtual: Craft Smart Emails – 7 Proven Steps to get your Emails Opened, Read & Responded To | Kay White

Recorded live 15 April 2020

It’s easy to think you’ll just bash something out and it will be ‘good enough’.

Staring at the screen waiting for a response or wondering if the person has got or read your message is such a waste of precious energy. In this virtual world we’re now living in with such busy inboxes – right now more than ever – use tips to craft emails which get read and responded to AND get you the response you want.

About Kay:

Kay White

Drawing upon the highs and lows of her own +20 year corporate career in international insurance broking in London, since 2006 when Kay set up Way Forward Solutions Ltd, she coaches and mentors corporate career women showing them how to get promoted and paid more money all without losing themselves in the process.

As Author of 2 best-selling books The A to Z of Being Understood and It’s Always Your Move Kay works with private clients one-to-one, in mentoring groups and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and offers Leadership for Women courses and training inside organisations.

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