Playback: Simple yet effective revitalising stress-busters when working from home video | Hira Ali

WeAreVirtual: Simple yet effective revitalising stress-busters when working from home webinar | Hira Ali

Recorded live 07 May 2020

When I wrote an article in the Huffpost on Stress Management in 2017, The World Health Organization had already recognized stress as the ‘Health Epidemic of the 21st Century’.

Little did I know at that time that nearly three years later, not only will that epidemic still exist but we would additionally be contending with a global pandemic which will involve anxiety and overwhelm like never before.

With not many outdoor and socialising options available, people struggling to meet ends and loved ones fighting at the frontline putting their lives at risk, to say it’s a challenging situation would be an understatement.

However, each one of us can play an active role in taking charge of managing our own stress levels and of those around us. And though de-stressing may seem difficult, it is not impossible. In this session, I will be discussing many revitalizing stress-busters you can indulge in from the comfort of your home or even at work.


About Hira:

Hira Ali

Hira Ali , a published author, writer, speaker and executive coach who has impacted hundreds of people from various industries and professions across the world through writing , speaking and an international experience of working in various regions. She is focused on women’s & ethnic leadership development. Her work passions include smashing glass ceilings, closing the gender gap and exploring both sides of any argument. She has been published in scores of international media outlets and has recently been included in a book for female role models alongside influencers and celebrities like Arianna Huffington, Reshma Sujani, Claire Shipman, Debra Messing and many more. Hira is a huge fan of conducting & supporting surveys and research that help substantiate her work. She is also the Founder of Advancing Your Potential & International Women Empowerment Events and Co-Founder of Career Excel and The Grey Area. She is also the author of the award winning book Her Way To The Top: A guide to smashing the glass ceiling that has won international reviews from global influencers like Dr. Marshall Gold Smith, Valerie Young, Louis P. Frankle

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