Playback: Thriving in the New Normal video | Georgie Dickins

WeAreVirtual: Thriving in the New Normal webinar | Georgie Dickins

Recorded live 16 June 2020

The workshop is centred around bolstering our resiliency.

In the current climate it is imperative that we prioritise our own well-being and mental toughness as these are important disease prevention steps in themselves. My workshop will help your community build their renewal strategies, which will be necessary to weather the stress and demands during this crisis.

It will equip them with the tools, techniques and behaviours to deal with the current adversity we are experiencing. It will also help them re-set their compass, given the map for their life and business will have changed. It will also help them understand their flavour of fear and how to step out of our stress bubble.

“Life is 10 per cent what happens to me and 90 per cent how I react to it”.


About Georgie

Georgie Dickins

Georgie Dickins is a sought-after Coach and Mentor in London, who practices globally, both in person and virtually. Her clients are top performers, successful entrepreneurs, ascending stars and high-level leaders in fintech, financial and professional services.

What her clients have in common is an extraordinary mindset. Leaders who want success are everywhere. Those who have passion, authenticity, humility and can sit in discomfort and uncertainty AS THEY GROW are the rare ones. These are Georgie’s people.

Her corporate clients include Liquidity Edge, R3, Tradeweb, JPMorgan, Phoenix Group, Barclays and Schroders Private Wealth.

Before becoming a coach, Georgie had a 20-year career in the City, holding senior client-facing roles at JP Morgan, Reuters and ICAP. She has a business degree from Loughborough University and is an Accredited Practitioner of Transformational Coaching.

What’s it like to be coached by Georgie? A fintech CEO says “she’s my secret weapon. She gets my world.” Others refer to her as “impactful and at the top of her field.” And results? C-suite clients describe their outcomes as “inspirational” and “transformational.”

As a powerful coach for extraordinary people, Georgie practices what she preaches. Every year she exercises her own discomfort and uncertainty muscles. This has included a sky dive, the NYC marathon, climbing Crib Goch – a knife-edged arête – and this year, cycling from Amsterdam to Suffolk in 50 mph cross winds. When she’s not coaching, stretching her comfort zone, or running after her two highly energetic sons, she’s enjoying a large glass of Malbec with friends.

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