Preethi Nair | Kiss the Frog Ltd

Preethi Nair left her job as a management consultant to publish her first novel Gypsy Masala. Not having the resources to rent an office, she established an ‘international PR agency’ in her bedroom and appointed feisty director ‘Pru Menon’ (an alter ego) to energetically hype her book. Nobody else knew of her plan. Working as several different people and with a frenetic double life, Preethi gained substantial press coverage. After two years and an amazing journey, she signed a three-book deal with HarperCollins.

Preethi won the Asian Woman of Achievement award.

‘Pru’ Menon’ (her alter ego) was short-listed for PPC Publicist of the Year.

Preethi went on to set up Kiss the Frog, a company that takes storytelling to organisations and is a professor at various business schools, promoting creativity as a key skill for leadership.

Most recently, she has written, acted and produced her first West End stage play “Sari: The Whole Five Yards”, (currently in development for television). Preethi has also just completed her fourth novel.

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