Science Grll

ScienceGrrl is a broad-based, grassroots organisation celebrating and supporting women in science; a network of people who are passionate about passing on our love of science on to the next generation.

If you would like to support what we’re doing, please join us by becoming a member – it’s only £5!  Most of our members are women who are working scientists, but we also have plenty of non-scientists and men on board – you don’t have to be a science girl to be a ScienceGrrl.

What we do

We are continuing to strengthen our network online through this website, Twitter, facebook and our weekly newsletter. These channels also help us elevate and amplify the voices of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), encourage and share with organisations and individuals with similar aims, and promote associated events and initiatives.

We have a national network of Local Leads who help ScienceGrrl connect with local initiatives and opportunities. Some local groups of ScienceGrrls have also developed into chapters, informal and friendly local networks which provide peer support and a setting to develop social events that support members and outreach events which encourage girls and women from the local community to consider a future in science. Find out more about ScienceGrrl near you here.

As well as establishing local connections, we’re also providing a voice for women in science nationally and exploring ways of elevating the profile of women scientists in mainstream culture.