Stiletto Millionaires

Stiletto Millionaires is a networking group of like-minded women that come together to talk about the challenges and joys of being a female entrepreneur during uncertain times.

If you are interested in networking with other women and sharing ideas about how you can be, the best that you can be in your business and personal life then this is the group for you.

Members will be invited to informal friendly welcoming networking events usually held in Bars/Restaurants in various central London locations. We invite inspirational guest speakers to join us, who motivate and empower Stiletto Millionaires to believe in themselves and their business until they are living their dream.

Many of the women in this group are either:-

  • ┬áStarting a businesses
  • Successful business women
  • Recently been made redundant
  • Looking for a career change
  • Enjoy networking and socialising

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to join Stiletto Millionaires or wherever you are on your personal journey we would love to have you in our group.