Susie Ramroop | Leadership Mindset Coach

If you are a high performer and want to have a bigger impact without having to put more in more time and unhelpful self-questioning, then Susie is the coach for you. 

Her sessions get to the heart of the matter quickly, bringing the relief and clarity that you have been craving.  She is direct, fun and loving, crafting simple action plans that create tonnes of positive evidence, self-belief and propulsion.  She is a master of reframing and generating perspective, which means you spend less time on the things that don’t matter to you, and can focus on making fulfilling progress, leaving you more time for fun and deeper relationships.

While many women come to Susie with career and leadership challenges, your whole life will benefit as she believes the way you do one thing is the way you do all things.  She will artfully get you to flex a muscle in one, relatively easy, area, until it pays off in all the others.

Common issues that get resolved:

  • Control freakery and overwhelm
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Worrying about what other people are thinking or expecting
  • Confusion and conflicting inner soundtracks
  • Fear of showing up as the real you

Most of Susie’s clients are senior women in tech and consultancy, mirroring her own career background as an innovator in telecoms.  Susie trained as a performance coach in 2005 and has been running her successful coaching and speaking business since 2014.  She is the author of the best selling book Be The Leader You Want To See, available at all online book stores, and leads the utterly transformational Reset Retreat.

You can find out more about Susie at:

07818 077490