UKCWC LogoUKCWC (UK Chinese Women Connect Association) is a charity based in the UK.

We aim to bring women in the Chinese community together to reduce the sense of isolation and loneliness, as well as to achieve racial harmony. As female immigrants, many struggles to fit into the British society and ends up being siloed. Some even experienced hate crime and discrimination. Our embedded culture often prevents us from raising issues and seeking for help. Facing these challenges and difficulties, UKCWC has three main purposes:

  • Connect: UKCWC provides a social and support network that opens to all Chinese women in the UK who are keen to work on their self-development, want to offer their support to others and are eager to better integrate into local life in the UK. Here we help each other to tackle the difficulties and challenges of living and working in the UK, such as language barriers, culture differences and gender gaps.
  • Empower: We want to empower our members to be the best versions of themselves. Our association organises many different types of events, including:
    1. Sessions for Chinese women who wish to improve their English skills, expand their knowledge on English laws and the social rules of life in the UK and learn how to manage their physical and mental health.
    2. Regular showcases of Chinese women’ exceptional talents and achievements to gain more confidence.
    3. Activity sessions for Chinese women to share their experiences and to inspire and be inspired by other Chinese women, such as cooking, art, reading, working, parenting and even business start-ups.

We believe that everybody should feel comfortable to be part of the communities they live in, and UKCWC aims to be the supportive and motivating body that helps Chinese women to shine in this world.

  • Impact: We want to have a positive impact on Chinese women, their families and society as a whole. We want to see more Chinese women who live in the UK become happier, more capable and courageous enough to pursue their wildest dreams while bringing happiness to the people around them. We also collaborate with other local and worldwide charitiable organisations to contribute to building a better world. Currently we work with some charitable organisations including women and children aid, environmental protection and wild animal protection. 

We achieve our goals by regularly organizing online and offline social networking events. We also raise the awareness of the good works by other relevant charitable organisations.