VIDEO: Be Your Own HERo with Caroline Pankhurst

Heroes coming to the rescue plagued fairytales that little girls were brought up on for centuries and set women up as the people pleasers who needed to be rescued from the brave courageous male hero of the story.

In reality, the only HERo you will ever need is the one that resides in you.

Caroline Pankhurst researches courage in women.

To practice courage, to grow to be braver than you have been before is a mindset that can be learned so you can slay your own dragons, rescue your own career & future & live a life with less fear.

In this talk Caroline will shine a light on the courage and bravery within every woman & urge you to act upon the fire that burns within every one of us.

About Caroline

caroline pankhurstCaroline Pankhurst is the Founder of Be Braver. A mindset, programme and practice that brings together the best of applied psychology to shape ambitious, fulfilling and courageous futures

The psychology of courage, especially in women, is Caroline’s field of study. How risks and fears can accelerate or diminish the opportunities and growth potential we realise for ourselves as leaders, individuals, teams, communities and organisations.

Caroline is an accomplished coach, panellist, facilitator and incredibly engaging speaker who has inspired meaningful behaviours change from simply speaking events alone.

Caroline has sat on panels, delivered keynotes and facilitated both live and online events delivering energy, drive, determination and ambition through humour and storytelling. She designs interactive participatory sessions with audience engagement where-ever believing strongly in the power of connection (one of the 4 pillars of a Be Braver Mindset). An essential part of creating change and growth.

Through Be Braver, Caroline delivers training to develop a Be Braver Mindset in individuals teams and leaders. Be Braver practitioners go on to create significant shifts and changes in their lives, businesses and careers.

In 2020 Caroline Founded the Be Braver Collective. A membership based community specifically for women who want to choose courage and practice a Be Braver mindset personally and professionally. A unique collaborative learning and development based coaching community led by Caroline which supports, advances and connects members through the practice of a Be Braver mindset.

As part of her ongoing research, Caroline hosts Courageous Conversations monthly interviewing a range of guests to explore the lived reality of how women experience courage. These are live events and open to members and non members of the Be Braver Collective.

Caroline sits as a charity trustee for GM4Women charity founded by Dr Helen Pankhurst and in taking the name Pankhurst is  passionate about advancing the rights of women for an equitable and sustainable future for all.