VIDEO: How to use TED Talk presentation style for Business | Jessica González

WeAreVirtual, Jessica González

Aren’t you tired of feeling that your presentations are missing that little something? That people seemed bored or uninterested on what you have to say?

Don’t worry! That has a solution, it’s called TED Talk!

TED Talks have revolutionized the presentation style around the world and now it’s coming to you.

I’ll give you all the keys and characteristics that make this talks so special and successful, this is going to elevate your next business presentation to another level.

Are you ready?


About Jessica

Jessica GonzalezHi! I’m Jess, a colourful, curious, dynamic individual and also the founder of Public Persona.

My mission is to help and inspire non-native English speakers to gain the precision, confidence and structure needed in order to feel more at ease when tackling job interviews, public speaking or presentations. Being professional doesn´t have to mean being boring!

Previously , I worked for 10 years in Supply Chain and Logistics, for industries such as FCMG, Pharmaceutical, Fashion and Renewable Energies until one day I realized it was time to stop and do something else with my life.

It took a lot of thought before I decided to start my Communications coaching where I wanted to poured all my skills: Business teacher , I delivered courses for companies such as Deloitte, Veolia, Pearson and Axa, where I trained C-Suite Executives and groups in order to improve their communication and negotiation skills in English. Actress, writer and filmmaker, not forgetting my languages: Italian, Spanish, Galician and English, of course!

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