Playback: Sustaining Resilience in the face of COVID-19 & beyond video | Dr Aarti Anhal

WeAreVirtual: Sustaining Resilience in the face of COVID-19 & beyond webinar | Dr Aarti Anhal

Recorded live 28 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing increasing change to the personal and professional lives of women.

Aside from health implications, we are already experiencing challenges; balancing our home & work commitments, leading and operating our businesses in testing times, navigating fears about the future, to name a few. Given that “resilience is the story we tell ourselves”, we need to learn how to overcome the default emotional responses, thinking traps and limiting beliefs that serve as barriers.

In this recorded virtual event, we will explore practical cognitive and emotional strategies and tools that women can use day in/day out to stay well, resilient and, perhaps even, thrive over the coming months.

About Dr Aarti Anhal

Dr Aarti Anhal

Dr Aarti Anhal is a resilience coach and consultant, who helps her clients thrive during the good times and periods of adversity, crisis and change. She runs before nine, a consultancy on a mission to future-proof organisations by combining psychological wellbeing, resilience and agility with organisational performance. Aarti’s unique approach to blending traditional business strategies with psychology-based tools and techniques is based on her fifteen-year career advising FTSE companies on resilience, her own experience of start-up life (as COO of the UK subsidiary of a successful Swedish start-up) and specialist knowledge of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

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