Visible Women

Our vision is to create a world where women and girls can find role models and mentors in the careers they are interested in working in and in turn be inspired to become leaders regardless of their gender and the stigma attached to male dominated industries.

Our mission is to raise aspirations; promote mentoring and champion role models by creating a network of aspiring, emerging and pioneering women and girls.

What we do:


We give presentations at assemblies and run career workshops at secondary schools and colleges to inspire the next generation of female pioneers. We provide a platform for young girls to find out about alternative careers and the journey to get there.


VW Speaks is an opportunity to acknowledge women’s accomplishments, to inspire and encourage a new generation of women to aim higher and succeed. It is a platform for ambassadors to share their knowledge, their experiences, their thoughts and their achievements. It is a chance to hear first-hand from women who are pioneers, determined enthusiasts and relentless in their quest for success and impacting their generation.
Our events aim to be informative, interactive, thought provoking and inspiring.


VW Connects is professional membership network for leading women in industry aged 18-35 including those in leadership roles and rising stars. It encourages the exchange of expertise and experience with the ultimate aim of creating strong and diverse network of women willing to connect, create and collaborate to take their careers and businesses to the next level.