WeAreVirtual: You And Your Mental Wealth Webinar | Ruth Cooper-Dickson

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WeAreVirtual: You And Your Mental Wealth – A Master Class In Self-Care And Building Resilience | Ruth Cooper-Dickson

Recorded live 31 March 2020

Watch again – You And Your Mental Wealth – A Master Class In Self-Care And Building Resilience with Ruth Cooper-Dickson, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Coach and Managing Director of Champs.

When we set out to achieve our goals and objectives sometimes other parts of our life can drop by the wayside. Often life throws curveballs, or events do not manifest how we planned them. This leaves us derailed or feeling like a failure in our own eyes.

This session will light up your superpower of calm, help explore your individual career self-care and equip your toolbox with tips and strategies to support your mental wealth.

  • Make a positive impact in virtual meetings
  • Manage motivation, stress and resilience

About Ruth

Ruth Cooper DicksonRuth Cooper-Dickson is a Positive Psychology practitioner, coach and Managing Director of Champs: a global well being consultancy for forward-thinking businesses ready to demystify mental health at work.

She and her team partner with brands like Expedia and BCLP to develop creative strategies that keep their people happy, engaged and performing at their highest potential — without the boring lunch and learns, snooze-inducing workshops, or awkward role plays.

Ruth believes that championing wellness at work requires more than mid-morning yoga or fruit baskets in the breakroom on Fridays, and she’s on a mission to ensure that leaders and their organisations have the skills, insight and support they need to make a meaningful dent in workplace mental health.

When she’s not busy changing the world, you’ll find Ruth out for a run, mucking about with her family, and maybe partaking in the occasional Netflix binge – because it’s all about balance!