Wendy Kerr | Founder of Corporate Crossover, Executive Coaching

Are you fed up with the toxic culture, the politics, and not having your voice heard? Maybe you’ve had a big event in your life and your perspective on your work has changed? You realise that there could be a different way. Perhaps you crave more flexibility, more freedom and the control to do what you want, in your own way? You know you want to go but you hesitate….maybe Executive Coaching is for you.

Is it time you changed how work works?

I know that when you are thinking of leaving your job to start a business, it can be easy to get clouded by indecision and doubt.

You worry that you won’t make enough money, that the business won’t be a success and that you don’t know everything you need to succeed.

You need Clarity – about your idea, and why you want to start a business

You need Confidence – that the business will work, and that you have the right skills and traits to make it work

Corporate Crossovers offers the structure, tools and resources you need to move from disgruntled employee to confident business owner. We offer workshops, and one on one coaching-mentoring.

About Wendy Kerr, Executive Coaching

With a 20-year career in multi-national blue chip organisations, Wendy has specialised in creating and launching new businesses around the world with companies such as Apple, FT and Intuit.

A Corporate Crossover herself, Wendy left her corporate career to create a successful 6figure coaching and consulting business running it from London and Tokyo. She works with leaders of high growth, global technology companies. Clients include; Expedia, IBM, and Betfair.

Wanting to change the way work works, she has also mentored and fueled over 1,500 women to create a business that allows them to live the life they love.

Her company, Corporate Crossovers®, enables women wherever they are in their journey of leaving their job to start their business successfully, providing them with workshops, tools, and mentoring. She has pusblished two books, ‘Corporate Crossovers; when its time to leave the office and start your own business’, and ‘My new business; a busy women’s guide to start up success’.