Wendy Rose | Coach to senior leaders

I specialise in working senior leaders and business owners who are going through any kind of personal, professional or organisational change.  Career change, restructuring, M&A, new CEO, promotion, big new project?  I help leaders like you navigate transitions successfully.

Current clients include:

  • an EMEA MD who’s using her maternity break to consider where and what next?
  • the global lead of a high street bank who wants to be more ‘herself’ at work amid massive restructuring
  • a VP of sales who’s changing her way of thinking to step into her firstCEO role
  • a Senior Director, who changed jobs with a significant promotion during the pandemic and is feeling disconnected
  • a Head of Research who wants to be more strategic, more focussed and use her time more effectively
  • a Surgeon who’s establishing a national centre of excellence

As an ICF MasterCoach I have over 20 years experience of working with global organisations, charities, government and SMEs.  Based in London, I work globally and have coached leaders from over 40 countries.


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