WinC (Women in Cyber)

A no politics, no ties community to bring together people across the UK and beyond into one united platform where experience, ideas, events, courses, training and connections can be shared freely

  • Hub for News and Information from across the globe
  • Event updates – what’s going on and where
  • Training – Opportunities available
  • Funding – Initiatives
  • Forums – areas where everyone can engage
  • WinC events calendar

Why create WinC when lots of companies are running their own initiatives?

There needs to be a platform where all these companies everyone can promote their initiatives and where people can come to network and learn about the Cyber space where there are no conflicts of interest or bias

WinC believe that there are changes that need to be made to how cyber is ‘packaged’ and ‘marketed’ as well as there needs to be more engagement across networks to promote all the amazing things that are happening in this space such as Cyber Security Challenge, OU courses, competitions and so much more!