Who we are:

Womanthology is a digital magazine and community for working women. Come and join us to get involved and inspired.

Our goal:

We aim to energise and empower women in their careers and beyond, with a view to inspiring confidence at work.

How will we get there – what we do:

Womanthology champions positive female role models for women of all ages and career experience. By sharing ideas, best practice and advice, Womanthology helps women become the best possible versions of themselves and challenges the stereotypes of what it means to be a ‘successful’ woman.

Why we do it:

  • To reassure women that ‘it’s OK’ to be authentic and to be themselves at work. There’s no need to strive towards some idealised picture of female perfection and having it all.
  • We want women to feel they are able to reach their full potential in life and realise that with the right help and support, their possibilities are infinite.