Women Hack For Non Profit

Women Hack For Non-Profits is a community of women in technology, who write open source software for non-profits with a social cause.

With this initiative we aim to not only increase open source foot print of women in technology but also help non profits solve technology challenges they face. We do not charge non profits for help we provide but we ask in return they respect our time and commitment.

You do not have to code to join us, you just need to be a women in tech. Projects need help in all aspects, QA, PM, UI, UX, front end, backend, blogging, social media. Everything and anything.

With this initiative we also aim to provide women tools and workshops that could help them learn and acquire new skills.

We would really like you to get involved, with ideas for apps or to come and code. Please look at respective sections on the website and reach out. Lets connect, create & hopefully celebrate.