Women in Asset Servicing (WiAS)

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Women in Asset Servicing (WiAS) was established to grow diverse representation across all areas of asset servicing and asset management, including senior positions, an area of historic under-representation. 

We seek to attract diverse women to our sector, retain them within it, nurture their talent, and increase their visibility within the industry. WiAS provides guidance and support to help members achieve their own unique and personal career goals.  In particular, we craft and host in-person and virtual events and support material through our website and social media which aims to encourage everyone to be braver, to recognise and properly self-assess their own skills and talent and importantly to network.  These softer skills are so vital throughout careers, both early on and when in middle management levels.  WiAS were winners of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Award from Asset Servicing Times in 2021 and in 2022 we are running a campaign called #FindingYourBrave.