Women in Business Network (WIBN)

WIBN – The Women in Business Network is a membership organisation for women who wish to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth. Whether employed or a business owner the network has a huge diversity of businesses involved. Our members support and encourage each other through collaboration and the sharing of business contacts and opportunities.

WIBN operate a one profession per group policy to ensure that each member is given the very best targeted help from the other members of their group. We attract all types of business, from part time to full time, from new to established businesses, sole traders to corporate businesses. Our strength is through the diversity and support that all types of businesses can offer each other.

Launched in January 2005, WIBN has quickly grown to an extensive network of ‘local’ groups around the UK. We offer business women a forum to network their business and meet likeminded individuals.

The monthly meetings offer a supportive and business focused environment, with all meetings run to an agenda. The group leader facilitates the monthly meeting using the structured format which has made WIBN so successful over the years. The meetings achieve results for members and visitors.

Our meetings are held between 12 midday and 2pm. Not only do the 1st and 3rd party referrals flow at each meeting but solid strategic alliances are also formed.

With a membership in excess of 2000 and growing on a monthly basis, the WIBN network has many new groups launching this year. Continuing to grow through the franchising opportunities available, the network attracts women who wish to support their local business community and become part of our success story by launching new groups in their region.