WomEng (Women in Engineering)

Women in Engineering (WomEng), is a recognised non-profit organisation working over the last 9 years to develop the next generation of engineering leaders in society.

Through its proactive, needs driven bottom up approach; WomEng has been instrumental in developing strong female engineering talent pipelines. Historically, WomEng has run more programs in South Africa, with WomEng Kenya rolling out programs in 2014. This dynamic organisation is set to roll out in other countries, especially in Africa, as an appropriate solution to the skills needs on the continent. At the heart of the organisation is its core philosophy, which provides the framework for all its activities.

These include:

  • Engineering education – creating greater awareness and raising the profile of the engineering industry
  • Attraction and retention of females into the engineering sector
  • Skills development including leadership development
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Mentorship